brix:papilio - online publishing suite

Efficient Web-To-Print made easy

Create business stationeries (business cards, letterhead, etc.), advertisements and posters, invitations, fact sheets, flyers, etc. locally and ensure that such publications are created according to the defined templates and are compliant with the given CI/CD guidelines.
Our brix:papilio W2P Publishing Suite is a flexible, easy-to-use system available as SaaS or for in-house installation, that can be operated with or without an interface to the CELUM DAM system.

for customers

  • CI/CD-compliant PDFs in 3 easy steps
  • Cost-effective, decentralized production
  • Hosting and templating done by brix
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Video: Production of a print-ready ad in just 90 seconds


«Thanks to our web-to-print service with brix:papilio both Helvetia marketing as well as the graphics department are massively relieved.»
Edward Stauber, Chief Brand Design & Graphic, Helvetia Insurance
«It’s the perfect mixture between predefined, consistent content, which guarantees a cohesive corporate design, and the freedom to provide current, localized information.»
Dr. Walter Hessler, Spokesman New Apostolic Church
«With brix:papilio, we've found the perfect solution to enforce a uniform corporate identity for all our business cards. The employees love the super simple ordering process. Furthermore Sonova is able to integrate local print shops for each region into this centralized solution.»
Frank Johne, Sonova Corporate Brand Manager